Our Mission
We are dedicated to having fun supporting our Ravens and our community. The Roost shall be a members’ club, supported by members’ participation and dues, and shall not be for profit. The Roost shall use its funds only to accomplish the objectives and purposes specified in its charter, and no part of said funds should be distributed to members of this Roost. The Roost shall not engage in any partisan political activities nor endorse any political  candidate
The purpose and objectives of the Roost
To unite, in the bonds of fellowship, persons who are interested in the promotion of Ravens football in the Baltimore area, to mutually benefit its members through discussion of the great game of pro football, to use its best effort to promote football excursions during the football season, and to provide other encouragement for the advancement and promotion of football in Baltimore, Maryland,
To organize and promote social events for the benefit of the members and their families,
To contribute, monetarily or otherwise and whenever possible, to those charities as determined by the Board of Directors (the Board) and/or the Membership. Click here to see the charities that we support.


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